The first-ever photograph of Philharmonic Hall, Odessa - February 7th, 1899 The Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra and Hobart Earle in the great Hall of the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Society The Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra and Hobart Earle in Carnegie Hall,  New York
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Charitable fund in Odessa

"Es war so wie ich es mir eingebildet habe. nichts in geld. eine schöne goldene uhr. Nun habe ich mit dero erlaubniss 5 uhren. ich habe auch kräftig im sinn mir an jeder hosen noch ein uhrtäschl machen zu lassen, und wenn ich zu einem grossen herrn komme, beyde uhrn zu tragen (wie es ohnehin iezt Mode ist) damit nur keinem mehr einfällt mir eine uhr zu verehren."

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
In a letter to his father on November 13th, 1777

Well aware of the urgent need to generate support for the orchestra at home in Odessa, a charitable fund was registered with the local authorities in 1999, enabling local business entities and corporations to support the OPO. The fund has the tax status of a not-for-profit organization in Ukraine.

Donations from outside Ukraine are also welcome.

In the years since 1999, the following entities and individuals have supported the fund. We would like to express our gratitude to them here.

Odessa Brandy Company
Odessa Port Plant
“Transinvestservice” Joint Venture
SGS Ukraine
“Yuzhny” Sea Port
“Trais” Joint Venture
Joint Stock Company “Eximnaftoproduct”
Siemens Ukraine
“Novolog” Joint Venture
“Fagot” Co.
C.M.T. Ltd.
“Ukrferry” Shipping Company
“Utel” Co.
“Ta.Ma.Ka.So.” Joint Venture
ANK Legal Company
Bank "Pivdenniy"
Seres Ukraine
Olimpex Coupe International Ltd.
Charitable Fund “Nadia”
“Mistral” Co.
“Otradnoye” Co.
L.O.T. Ltd.
Yuzhspetsmontazh Ltd.
"Galereya Itis"

Galina Borisovna Bereza, Pensioner
Stanislav Fyodorovich Protasenko

The vast majority of the money raised has gone towards giving financial aid to the musicians of the OPO. In addition to this, dental treatment has been given to woodwind and brass players in the orchestra.

Contributions to support the orchestra in Odessa can be sent to our fund at:

Charitable Fund “Muzika”
Bank Pivdenny
Odessa, Ukraine
Correspondent Bank:
The Bank of New York
New York, NY
Correspondent account: